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Subic Philemons Flyboard!

Experience the adrenaline rush with Philemon’s Fly board and Water sports over and under the lagoon waters of Subic! A place where extreme & thrilling water activities are always at hand!Imagine flying through the air and moving like a dolphin through the ocean while being motorized by thousands of gallons of water per minute! The enthusiasm is perfect for any thrill-seeker looking for a fun aquatic adventure. After a ten to 20-minute balancing lesson, the professional crew or trainer will have you zipping as they control the boost, altitude, speed and height for a safe and gripping time that you will always excited to remember!

Another water sport that you will truly enjoy here at Philemon’s is riding on modern Jet skis alone or with a friend! We recommend the Jet Ski 1800cc with Slicer/ Inner Tube which is so perfect for singles/ couples. While at the barge, you will be given professional instructions before you are let loose to go aboard on your invigorating 30-minute to 1-hour ride! Since you will be riding on an enclosed track, for your own security, you are only allowed to go up about 20-25 mph. But for your information, Jet Skis can reach top speeds of about 60 mph. Life jackets are worn during this activity. However, for your ease and safety, it is recommended that you know how to swim.

Set Free as you open strangle, feeling the freedom and power surge through your system with another water adventure activity- Water Tube and Water ball at Philemon’s! Our Water Tube and Water ball activity provide a unique and fun yet safe chance for people of all ages to experience the water under your own steam! Now you can stroll, run, fall over, fall down or fall on the surface of the water without even getting damped. The trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, bend over or forward and soon you will just see yourself enjoying the ride.

Philemon's also recommend you try the latest trend in water sports- Hover boarding! Hover boarding first became popular in the South of Europe. It is now being compared to snow boarding on a jet stream. A quick demo is given by Philemon's professional crews before unleashing. Hover boarders and enthusiasts can partake in this unique experience at a very affordable rate. Enjoy the absolute adrenaline force of Water Sports only here at Subic Philemon’s Fly board!


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